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Installing Sod During Winter In Texas

The time is now!

laying winter sodLaying Sod during winter in Texas is a smart idea because of the warmer temperatures and short amount of freezing days. This makes for planting sod during winter an ideal time to plant new sod. Installing sod during winter In Texas, it gives your lawn plenty time and good rain to grow and take root before the warmer and even hot weather starts.

  • Ideal Temperatures For Grass
    Rarely in Texas you have the temperatures drop for an extended period of time. In January the average highs range from about 54 degrees in Dallas to 64 in Houston, and even warmer in San Antonio to Laredo.
  • Winter Precipitation
    In Texas it will rain with between 3-4 inches of precipitation. Rainfall provides better grass growth, and less watering that you’ll use to maintain your lawn. Rainfall is typically at its lowest in February and highest in May, however rain remains pretty consistent in throughout the year. After your sod has been laid in your yard. Properly watering your grass is a necessity, regardless of season.


Soil preparation before installation is necessary for the lawn’s  long term growth. Removing debris such as rocks, sticks, and twigs from the ground will allow better root development for the roots to set in. Adding to the soil with appropriate nutrients will also aid in the plants growth.

Be Ready For Spring Early

You’re less likely to be running around on your lawn in January and February. The lack of pressure put on your lawn will promote healthy growth so you can be ready for spring time.

Warming climate conditions and increased rainfall throughout the spring wakens the dormant grass. As the weather continues to warm up, your grass will be given more time to grow healthy and lush.

By planting at the right time, your new sod grass lawn is sure to give you many years of satisfaction.



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