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When to Stop Mowing Your Grass

When to stop mowing your grass?

Grass does not actually stop growing even when it is cold, it simply slows down. There question of when to stop mowing the grass? This is more a question of the weather and ground conditions. Quite often can prevent you getting onto the lawn when you have the ideal opportunity.

The factors restricting lawn mowing:

  1. Rain and Wet Grass
  2. Ground Frost and Snow
  3. Water Logged Grass
  4. Earth Worm Casts
  5. Reduced Daylight Hours
  6. Temperature – If your equipment gets too hot to function, or the temperature is too hot to mow.

Signs to look for.

dormate2The lawn’s growth pattern will naturally slow as soil and air temperatures reduce. If the air temperature is above 5 degrees centigrade the grass will keep growing. Reflective heat from building and localized sheltered micro climates will aid growth.

As we get into the autumn months the frequency of mowing will reduce from twice a week or more normally once a week only to once every 10 days then down to once a fortnight and finally down to once a month in the months of November and December and January.

The goal is to literally take the ‘top’ off, so no more than 25% of grass growth. This will keep the lawn tidy and help in the removal of leaf litter and debris.

In conclusion, keep mowing the lawn throughout the autumn and winter months on a less often basis. Choosing a nice dry windy day would be ideal, however  in the winter months, plan to get the mower fully serviced including a new grass blade!

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