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Decorative Stone Landscaping Ideas

Decorative Stone Landscaping Ideas 

When we add artificial surfaces to our landscapes, the garden gets a strong and interesting look. Contrasts that catches the eye more than an expanse of green. Play with various patterns and textures so that the space gets dynamic shapes. And speaking of shapes, let your imagination run free and give birth to original textures which will definitely personalize your garden alleys, as we can easily see in the images above. It reminds me of Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”Decorative-stone-ideas

Don’t Need Big Heavy Stones

There is nothing that brings the best out of stone than wood. In the image below, the two natural materials dominate the image, without excluding each other, but rather complementing each other in a wonderful way. The stone comes in various shapes – slabs for the stairs, boulders, pebble and put together in decorative shapes, visually layering the landscape.

Types of Stones

  1. Limestone
  2. Rainbow Rocks – Varies from region to region
  3. Pea Gravels – Assorted Sizes
  4. Lava Rock
  5. Field Stones
  6. Shale Rocks – Assorted Sizes

Using these decorative landscaping stones you can come up with various and effective patterns, in different colors, that you can arrange yourselves. Stone in different shapes and colors, with a strong visual impact. Stones are easy to install, while the contrast is superb it can be a tedious process to lay the stones in the patterns you want.  If professional help is something you will require, please call Lawn Care Lewis for assistance in landscaping your property.


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